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If you are looking for a MPV that can use you space, moving doors, delicate, convenience and security for long glamorous drive, you can buy Nissan Evalia, specifically created and crafted to adopt these features.

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Nisan Motors Limited Japan made its venture in India on 2005, by including a 100% Indian subsidiary, Nissan Motor India Company Registration (NMIPL). On February, 2008, here the automobile making company with its international alliance partner Renault signed a MOU with Tamil Nadu federal government to set up a production facility in Oragadam, outskirts of Chennai. The combined capability of the plant is 4, 00, 00 units per annum consisting of 20,000 systems for Nissan constructed automobiles and 20,000 systems booked for its international alliance partner, Renault India Company Registration Kolkata, an Indian arm of the French vehicle maker Renault. The Indian production center was inaugurated on March 17, 2010 and sales started on July, 2010.

Nissan Evalia is an urban class utility automobile, more spacious, sliding doors, light body weight, sophisticated safety functions, more luggage area and comfy. The cars and truck is most ideal for luxurious, safe and safe journeys and drive. Evalia is used in 4 versions including XE, XE +, XL and XV. XL and XV is priced higher around 9.49 lakh and 9.99 lakh respectively, whereas XE and XE+ is bracketed around 8.49 lakh and - 8.92 lakh.

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